Reclamation Sand for Malaysia

International Mineral Resources Pty Ltd is a supplier of quality reclamation and construction sand to Malaysia. Our reclamation sand is suitable for many land reclamation, building and construction projects that are currently underway and for future projects throughout the Malaysian region.

Whether you are looking for reclamation or construction sand, International Mineral Resources has extensive knowledge with an experienced team from ground extraction and processing to transport and shipping. We will deliver your requirements and specifications in a efficient, ethical and timely manner.

The Best Reclamation Sand For Malaysia

International Mineral Resources understands the sand shortage Malaysia is experiencing, as well as the impact of land reclamation in Malaysia. We are committed as a global sand supplier with a firm belief that we are one of the best reclamation sand suppliers in Australia. The importance of having excellent customer service and quality sand resources is key. As a result, we are committed to ensuring our reclamation sand for our Malaysian customers is consistent every time, and when you need it.

Reclamation Sand Malaysia

Contact us to discuss your reclamation sand & gravel requirements or to discuss a quotation. We have access to large quantities of mining resources ready for extraction, processing and shipping to your destination.