Reclamation Sand & Gravel For Sale

International Mineral Resources Pty Ltd is a global supplier of reclamation and construction sand & gravel. Our reclamation sand and gravel is suitable for many international markets, meeting the specifications of buyers throughout Asia and Middle East regions and is suitable for many land expansion, reclamation, building and government construction projects.

Whether you are looking for reclamation sand or construction gravel, International Mineral Resources Pty Ltd has extensive knowledge and experience to deliver your bulk sand and gravel requirements in an efficient, environmentally aware and timely manner.

The Best Reclamation Sand & Gravel For Sale

Here at International Mineral Resources, we believe that we are one of the best reclamation sand & gravel exporters Australia has to offer. We understand the importance of having access to a reliable partner with excellent customer service and quality sand & gravel products. We are committed to ensure all our business partners get the required sand and gravel resources they require when they need it – every time.

Reclamation Sand & Gravel Price

Contact us to discuss your reclamation sand & gravel requirements. We have bulk quantities of mining resources ready for extraction, processing and shipping to your international destination.